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MY FAN TRIBE is a platform built for fans, created by a professional and former D1 student-athlete who discovered a way to channel his son's passion for eSports into a bigger vision that motivates other youth to become more involved in their communities. Through this venture, the founder also fulfilled a dream of working in a business with his children, each utilizing their unique gifts. The tribe also includes the founder's daughters, who excel in media and neuroscience fields.


At My Fan Tribe, our vision is to revolutionize the entertainment industry by empowering artists, musicians, athletes, and entertainers to co-own their own venues alongside their fans. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the wealth gap in communities by providing a platform that promotes shared ownership and financial inclusivity. We believe that by fostering a sense of community ownership, we can create a more equitable and sustainable entertainment industry for all.

All Rights Reserved. ©2023 My Fan Tribe, LLC My Fan Tribe is a co-operative who's NFT's  have utility but no commercial value.


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